Friday, June 25, 2010


I must admit, at this time in my life there is something I will never forget...I feel so alive and vibrant, songs,color, taste and even night and day gives me the true meaning of my existence.

At this very moment I am not the person that I used to be, I am more open now and excited to rediscover LIFE.

I discovered how to live without barriers, it was so fascinating and outrageously turning my world upside down.

We may seem to be so ignorant and too particular of what we learn while growing up.. in school and basic religion ,confusing it may seem but there is a part in this world that once you get to connect you will feel intoxicated with the fullness of your being.

This is an amazing feeling that LIFE can give you.

LOVE is so mysterious that you will fall into it....sounds familiar?

One exciting thing to know is you can be happy and full of bliss just in one lifetime,I guess some will say this is some sort of a wishful thinking but "lo and behold" there is such a thing as abundance of everything that life can give you in one sitting, it's truly amazing to feel the energy of LIFE and LOVE at the same time.

I never thought how much a grain of bliss can take you anywhere and make your world so beautiful..this can surpass all the myths of love.I thank my creator for giving me this opportunity to live by all means.

How much more should I take? that is the question, it is so mysterious only my inner voice can explain, no words are equal to this energy that makes my heart and soul sing. No room for helplessness nor complains just live as what your gut and inner self is telling you.

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LOREN said...

Only a soul with pure heart can have this much pure joy. You emanate positivity! Thanks for rubbing it on me.