Friday, June 25, 2010


I must admit, at this time in my life there is something I will never forget...I feel so alive and vibrant, songs,color, taste and even night and day gives me the true meaning of my existence.

At this very moment I am not the person that I used to be, I am more open now and excited to rediscover LIFE.

I discovered how to live without barriers, it was so fascinating and outrageously turning my world upside down.

We may seem to be so ignorant and too particular of what we learn while growing up.. in school and basic religion ,confusing it may seem but there is a part in this world that once you get to connect you will feel intoxicated with the fullness of your being.

This is an amazing feeling that LIFE can give you.

LOVE is so mysterious that you will fall into it....sounds familiar?

One exciting thing to know is you can be happy and full of bliss just in one lifetime,I guess some will say this is some sort of a wishful thinking but "lo and behold" there is such a thing as abundance of everything that life can give you in one sitting, it's truly amazing to feel the energy of LIFE and LOVE at the same time.

I never thought how much a grain of bliss can take you anywhere and make your world so beautiful..this can surpass all the myths of love.I thank my creator for giving me this opportunity to live by all means.

How much more should I take? that is the question, it is so mysterious only my inner voice can explain, no words are equal to this energy that makes my heart and soul sing. No room for helplessness nor complains just live as what your gut and inner self is telling you.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Do you ever wondered or realized that the opposite of FEAR is TRUST. Just try to internalize this……something might just bloom inside you and make you a little bit stronger or jog your memory….Oh, yes! I’m no different from you, many things in life just born out of fear.

Do you TRUST YOURSELF? Honestly, or even do we really know ourselves? That is the question.

I began to appreciate the word TRUST when I fully paid attention to myself. I began to accept my imperfections as well as my strength. I want to admit that I love myself but I was unaware that Love and TRUST should come along. They should even go hand in hand and that will lead you to the road less traveled, the way which guides me to revere myself and others.

If I consider myself a good person, an ideal wife, a nurturing mother or just merely acknowledging my God given talents (if you ever know your hidden gifts) there’s no need to be unsure of yourself and envious to other individuals, because God made you powerful to endure pain and struggles in this world.

At a snail's pace, I began to heal that unknown piece of me a part that apparently, the master of my fullness. As I welcome you to my spiritual journey, together let us first be acquainted with the genuine roadway on becoming who we are. Let us welcome that feeling and nosiness to infiltrate our mind.

The inner peace that TRUST can bring is so huge that I started to look at the world differently the awareness that stirred my being is very liberating. A big discovery for me that became the unifying factor of recurring perplexity and qualms inside me and that inner peace will begin when you

Thursday, September 4, 2008


The Sunflower is one of my favorite flower. It has a vibrant and cheerful color it makes me smile when I see one, it also reminds me of my existence.It serves as a reminder that the source of its energy is the sun the supreme light that makes us grow, I want to think that God made this awesome flower to remember Him rain or shine, to be hopeful amidst the absence of the rays.
Flowers have an expression of countenance as much as men and animals. Some seem to smile; some have a sad expression; some are pensive and diffident; others again are plain, honest and upright, like the broad-faced sunflower and the hollyhock.

Life is Good

Life is good to me, but I had and will have my fair share of ups and downs, when I was a child I know that I am different, unusual in a sense that something inside is pure and will unfold just in time when the right time comes, when I was growing up I am no buff of reading thick books and novels instead at a very young age I was so exposed to standard and jazz music, that was my therapy when I was undergoing complexity in my teenage life.Nevertheless, I am enthralled in articles and write ups about how to improve your life and defy some challenges that may cross your path.

Life is good albeit, I know some challenges are very hard to handle, to understand and to accept. The hardest part sometimes is when you want to lend a hand and you are not equipped to do so, for the past years I spend my whole life serving, loving, caring and nurturing people around me, until I discovered the true meaning of trust that made me more in touched with my inner being.

Life is good that even if you don’t ask for blessings it will come your way whether you like it or not, unforeseen things may come your way giving you fine choices and surprisingly you are ready to receive them and remarkably confront them face to face, it’s not that tough to come in terms with yourself anyway.

Life is good when you allow yourself to search and accept your true nature, your true self……..accepting that The God you believe in made you like his own image and you are just powerful after Him. You are more than you think you are, you have a birth right, that you have to discover right now just inside you..... waiting to be outspread, so keep searching until you find that inner treasure..........just within.